Disney Is about to Come to Netflix in a Big Way

Netflix has had a healthy partnership with Disney for a while now, particularly when it comes to the Marvel branch of the company. Disney acquired Marvel wholesale a few years ago, and Netflix has been producing shows for them based on some of the more obscure Marvel properties.

Geek culture has been raving about Daredevil and Jessica Jones, and they have plenty more to look forward to as Netflix is preparing about four more announced shows based on similar properties.



Netflix has also routinely carried Disney shows and films, including cartoon classics, animated series and Star Wars films (another recent Disney acquisition). But that partnership is about to get much more involved. Starting later this year (September), Netflix will become the only place to stream Disney content for the foreseeable future. So you won’t find Star Wars, Disney cartoons and live action films, or Marvel media on any of the other providers. While Hulu and Amazon have managed to create loyal followings for themselves, they won’t be streaming Disney content much longer. Cosplay actors are impressive and interseting.

That’s a huge win for Netflix, and it means that they will have access to a massive library of hit films and popular shows. How much of the library will be made available right away and what will be added over time has yet to be revealed, but it looks like this is going to be a long-term partnership, so fans should have plenty to watch over the coming years.

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