Manga comic books

  • By hzz8
  • On 16/08/2016

​Manga is a Japanese word essentially meaning comic books, and refers to all of the awesome graphic novels that Japan produces. Here is why everyone should read manga comics at least once in their lifetime

  • The pictures may inspire for those who like drawing
  • In the manga comics there is more space for imagination, the stories are more compact
  • Manga have more of the actual story line compared to the anime
  • Manga has better pacing and a better flow of the story
  • They usually consist of dozens, even hundreds of episodes. So people get used to the characters, they become theirs friends.

  • There are manga for young boys and girls, for men and women and demographic wise. there are different topics like romance, action, school life, slice of like, comedy, historical, psychological, supernatural- you name it, you have it. All you have to do is a little research
  • It mostly features elongated features and giant, sparkly eyes, though as of late a lot of manga has veered from this classic style into more daring territories. However, most manga definitely still pays homage to its artistic roots, and it is a style that is seldom seen in Westernized comics.
    • Western comics are very monotone: funny comics try only to be funny and serious comics try only to be serious. But Japanese comics are good at mixing serious and funny. Visit Read Manga portal for more.