Choose the right implant


Choose the right implant: Two types of breast augmentation you can use silicone or saline and

Anatomic or round. Both these implants are different from each other, and it gives a different

look also.


Before you go for any surgery, you need to decide which type of breast implant you

Want and understand the different type of look each different implant type can give. Once you decide to opt for breast implants, you will be able to change the size or type again but it will come at a serious cost and discomfort as you will need to recover. It is

always advisable to know all important facts about the implants you decide to go for and the recovery process after surgery as this is major surgery which comes with a big list of do’s and don'ts.


I would suggest when recovering you have someone else around the house with you as for a couple of weeks you're not allowed to lift or move anything to heavy . If you do this can cause a few problems as you're not fully healed. It has been known for people to be lifting her washing basket after surgery and popping stitches. Inspire cosmetics is the solution for all your breast problems.


So please get someone else round the house for a couple of weeks or make sure you have lots of clothes.

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