How to Find the Best Food on the Koh Samui

Many people who come to stay at our villas on Koh Samui carefully research some of the places they are going to eat at. They read online reviews and get suggestions from travel sites. The problem with this approach is that their resources may not have up-to-date information.

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The opposite approach, of just looking for somewhere to eat without any guidance, can mean you end up eating food you aren’t happy with. That can tarnish your experiences and leave you with a bad impression of the island or its food.

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We suggest a different approach. Try talking to many of the locals, including our own staff, to get some ideas about where to eat and what to eat while you are there. Sure, you want to make some spontaneous choices and go in blind sometimes and be surprised, but if you really want the best the island has to offer, you will get some advice from people who live and work there. They are the ones who are up to date on the trends and what has changed with the restaurants and eateries around the island. They can give you the most current information so you can have the best dining experience.

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Take some time to get some suggestions from your drivers, hosts and others you meet on Koh Samui. That way, you can be sure to enjoy some of the most wonderful things the island has to offer.Check out our website for more information about Koh Samui Villas.

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